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Ask Dave

Breaking The Bad Cycle

Sandy is traveling down a dangerous road, one that will leave her broke, unless she fixes something.

QUESTION: Sandy is 45 and, although she grew up in a house where her parents lived below their means, they never taught that to her. She can’t get her spending under control and keeps going into debt. She doesn’t know how to break the cycle. Dave tells her about the 3 things she needs to discover.

ANSWER: You’re a pretty normal American. You’ve had a Doctor Phil moment of asking yourself how this behavior is working, and you know that it’s not. You’ve got a good edge there. With me, 3 things happened to get me to break that cycle. It involved a little bit of disgust, a little bit of fear of the prospect of ending up broke, and the most important part … contentment. That has to do with your spiritual walk.

In this culture, marketers say you’ll be better, or smarter, or happier, or sexier after you’ve bought our product. If we have that much marketing crammed down our throats, it affects our contentment. That’s the last piece of the puzzle. I quit going where I was tempted to spend money. If you go wandering through these places where you spend without a specific plan, you’ll lose. If you have a plan and don’t impulse and stay away from these places, you’ll win.