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Ask Dave

Married With Budget Problems...Ideas?

Carrie and her husband both work extra jobs but don't pool their extra income together...time for a change?

QUESTION: Carrie stays at home and works a couple part time jobs when grandma can come and baby-sit the kids.  Carrie’s husband works a lot outside of the home and keeps some of the elements of the business from Carrie.  When he does a side job, he just pockets the money and won’t put it toward the family’s budget.  How can they increase their income when they’re both working as much as possible?  And how can they get on the same page with their budget?

ANSWER: You have to put all your money together and do all your financial planning together.  The cash pocketed on the side is not allowed.  All the money that is made in this household is combined.  If he’s willing to do that, you need to make sure you put a blow category in your budget.  He needs to have your family’s needs in mind first. 

Finally, this is very important: a man who has a virtuous wife and will not take her advice will not make money and win with it.  Your input has to be part of every area of his business.  Don’t let him hide parts of his business from you.