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Ask Dave

Manic Spending

Manic spending is a psychological disorder, but buying stuff you can't afford is a behavior that can be changed.

QUESTION: Rebecca is a manic spender who needs help. Dave wants to clear something up before he gives her advice.

ANSWER: Manic spending is a psychological disorder. Buying a bunch of crap that you can’t afford isn’t. If you legitimately think you’re bipolar, see a counselor. It sounds to me like you’re just being immature. Don’t blame that on being manic.

I’m the same way … I can change my decisions on a dime. When I went broke 20 years ago, it’s because I wouldn’t go slow enough and delay pleasure. So I changed. You have to change some behaviors. You can do it. It sounds to me like you need to develop a careful written game plan with your husband, and that is how you live your lives.