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Ask Dave

Don’t Forget Christmas

Scott wants to know how to budget for Christmas while in the middle of his debt snowball.

QUESTION: Scott and his wife have $15,000 in debt left to pay. They take home $32,000 a year. They used to spend about $250 or $300 on Christmas. He has beaten her over the head about Dave for a while now, and she’s just now getting on board. How should he handle budgeting for the Christmas holiday in the middle of the debt snowball?

ANSWER: You need to let the Dave Ramsey thing sit and take its own course for a few weeks. If you’ve been talking about me, be quiet about me. Don’t discuss that until the first week of September. At that point, get serious about Christmas. Then ask her what she thinks you should spend on Christmas while getting out of debt. If it’s reasonable, go with it. You might just ask if the old Christmas budget will work. If it does, then save and set it aside while doing the rest of your debt snowball, then as quickly as you can, move on to other things.

You’ve got to listen to her opinion. If she gives you an answer to something that you think is crazy, ask her how she got there instead of going crazy.