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Ask Dave

The Drive, Or The Digs?

Link is afraid that a move to save on gas will be canceled out by the higher rent. Does Dave have any ideas to solve his commute issue?

QUESTION: Link got a job in a town that he must commute to, and the drive costs $500 a month in gas. He wants to get a place closer to town, but the cheapest place he can find is $450. Right now, he lives at home and pays no rent. Dave thinks he needs to spend some time shopping for a place; a deal can be found in some unlikely places.

ANSWER: Why don’t you look for a nicer place? Spend some time looking for a place; just because it’s an oil-boom town doesn’t mean you can’t find a deal. You may find a small apartment over a rich lady’s garage and that lady wants to give you a break. Keep shopping around. Check with some churches in the area and find out if there is anyone there that needs a roommate. That will get you closer to work and save on the gas bill.