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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.


Budget billing for utilities?

Dave says budget billing plans for utilities are a great idea, especially if you're just starting to get control of your finances.

Envelopes and debit cards

Sarah feels her attempts to budget are suffering, because she only uses her debit card to pay for things. Listen as Dave offers some advice, explains the envelope system, and discusses the principles to successful budgeting. It's a great teaching segment.

A Properly Budgeted Christmas

Christmas is expensive! Especially when you're trying to make it special for those you care about. So what's reasonable when you're getting out of debt? Here's Dave's advice on Christmas budgeting.

If you know it's coming, it's not an emergency

Melody's husband believes he'll have about three months of down time each year in his new business. He wants them to skip paying off debt, and build up a big emergency fund to cover these times. Dave gives them a better idea.

Invest in you

Chandler is working his way through college. He asks Dave and Chris Brown if he should invest any additional pay, or simply save it for school expenses.

The numbers don't work

Courtney has seen a lot big plans for her life fall through. Now she faces life with an apartment lease she can't afford and a child. There aren't a lot of options here, but Dave offers some help and encouragement.

How to Align Due Dates With Pay Days

Kathy is the Nerd, and she's trying to reconcile the on-paper budget with what's going on in their bank account. Dave reminds Kathy that the budget is supposed to tell her what to do.

Contentment Is a State of Being

Marie says her husband has a great job, and Marie works as a substitute teacher. Her husband would like her to take a more full-time position to build more wealth. Dave has a philosophical answer for Marie.