The Road to Recovery

Jason is a drug addict and doesn't want to be one anymore. He's looking into rehabilitation, but clinics are more than he can afford. Dave gives Jason a hand with some ideas to get assistance.

QUESTION: Jason in Dallas is a drug addict and doesn’t want to be one anymore. He’s looking into rehabilitation, but clinics are more than he can afford. One said he could be approved with a credit card, and insurance would kick in after he was finished. He doesn’t know how to pay for rehab and get the help he needs. Dave gives Jason a hand with some ideas to get assistance.

ANSWER: The problem with discussing the rehab community is there is an almost infinite number of ways to approach the struggle that you’ve got. There are also an almost infinite number of rehab centers. They are just everywhere. They are all over in terms of price ranges and methods for doing that.

The rehab companies don’t know what will be covered until they talk to your insurance company. Some insurance covers this, some doesn’t. One of the things you need to do is call your insurance company and find out what they cover for rehab and if they have any recommended places.

Call the pastor of the church you’re going to and ask to sit down with him. Ask if they have any counseling at that church and someone will probably have a good list of recommendations in your area to plug into. They may have some referrals.

There is everything from wilderness programs that cost almost nothing all the way to the superstar places that a celebrity goes to, which you can’t afford. You need to find something that fits into your budget but is effective to get you clear of this.

Through the pastor, you need to start letting the people who love you know about this so that they can be your cheerleaders and start to help you turn this.

The enemy of healing is secrets. You’ve lived a life of secrets for a long time. You have to break through that, but you don’t have to that with me on the radio. The money thing seems to be the barrier, but I think you’ll find that, with more information, you’ll find some ways to get healing where money’s not a barrier, whether it’s through your insurance company or through some good referrals from this pastor.

Those two things will take you a long way, and then as soon as you start to have your game plan figured out, that’s when you’ve got to come clean with folks that are close to you so they can cheer you on in your recovery. You won’t be able to just sneak off some place and then come back and everything will be okay like nothing ever happened. It’s gotten past that, so you have to deal with it.

As you’ve already figured out, not dealing with it doesn’t work. You can pull this off. People do it all the time, and you’re going to be the next one.