Stand Over The Failures

Dave wants to know how to get over the feeling of defeat that he gets when he hears other people scream that they are debt-free, since he knows that he has such a tough mountain to climb.

ANSWER: When I was at my lowest point and lost everything 20 years ago, one thing I had to do was forgive myself for my own stupidity. I had to decide that it didn’t define me permanently as stupid. I knew I wasn’t stupid; I had just done stupid with zeroes on the end. I was ignorant. That’s part of it. Part of it is deciding it’s life.

I have read a lot of biographies of successful people, and all of them have fallen down and scratched their knees. All of them—while learning to ride the bicycle of life—have fallen over and busted their noggin. But they got back up, and they rode again. Those people inspired me.

The truth is, I got past the darkness with my faith. I’m a Christian, and walking out my faith is part of where I gathered hope. It gives you a different perspective. It then becomes a game of Monopoly. You don’t have to freak out about every little thing. My faith didn’t keep me from freaking out, but it did keep from staying in freak-out mode.

Successful people stand on their failures rather than lie under them. You’re going to have them.