Being A Tough Christian

When a scam comes into the picture, it's time for Derrick to get tough as a Christian.

QUESTION: Derrick in Kansas is the pastor of a church who thinks they were the victim of a scam. Someone sent him a bill for advertising that they didn’t do, and now he’s getting threatening phone calls. They are smacking him around, and Dave wants Derrick to make sure of some ways to smack back.

ANSWER: You haven’t been scammed because you haven’t paid anything. They won’t come after you, they are just trying to bully you into something that you don’t owe. They don’t want to be in front of a judge; they are scam artists. Tell them you are going to sue them and that you want to get them in front of a judge.

Report them to the Federal Trade Commission and start recording all the phone calls they make to you. Do everything you can to make sure they are shut down and put in jail, if you can. These people prey on weak-willed people because they are so threatening that people will pay them money to get rid of them. They didn’t find someone weak-willed when they ran into you.

One of the jobs of a Christian is to make sure that people who take advantage of other people are put out of the marketplace. Go ahead and take what you’ve got so far and turn it over to the state’s attorney general. The way to settle this is to punch their lights out! Christian doesn’t mean doormat; we are sometimes called to be warriors in the name of justice, and this is one of those times.