Balancing Ambition And Contentment

Fran has an interesting question about how you can be satisfied with what you have while still having the fire in you to do more.

QUESTION: Fran asks how you balance ambition with contentment.

ANSWER: You don’t balance them because they are not on the same spectrum. I’m very content and very ambitious at the same time. I’m content with what God ahs blessed me with. I’m not going to be apathetic and just sit here and do nothing and be satisfied with our success. I do what I do because it helps people.

You can have peace and contentment and at the same time be a go-getter. I think sometimes we see ambitious people are driven by a lack of contentment, and that’s where we get this idea. You can be ambitious and do it for other reasons. Do you think Jesus was content and ambitious? The answer to both is yes. Who else could take on the sins of the world without being ambitious?

It has to do with what’s driving your ambition. If you are searching for stuff and that drives your ambition, then they are on the same spectrum. But that’s the wrong way to live your life. You can get a bunch of stuff and not be happy until you learn contentment.