Keeping Death A Secret

Jonathan just received news that his brother is dying of cancer. He would like to know what do with the things he leaves behind.

QUESTION: Jonathan’s brother is very sick with cancer. His brother is a very private person and Jonathan, who is in distress, needs help on getting his brother’s finances in order upon his death. Dave first suggests a will and gives Jonathan much needed guidance.

ANSWER: If he waited a year to tell you he had cancer, how much luck will you have in getting him to do a will if he doesn’t have one? He needs to do this so you can work through his matters when he’s gone, and so his ex-wives don’t go clawing at this like vultures and making a mess.

Have him make a list of what he owns, what he owes, and a last will and testament drawn up in the list that he resides in. That way, you can tell if there will be any money left. If there won’t be any money left over, there’s nothing to worry about. If the debt is only in his name and there isn’t enough to sell to cover it, the bank just loses money. But you don’t keep the furniture, cars or anything. All the assets have to be sold to cover the liabilities. No one other than him is responsible for the debts unless someone else signed for the debts.