Gamblers Anonymous

Steve confesses that he's addicted to gambling on lotto scratch-off tickets. Dave talks to him seriously about getting help.

QUESTION: Steve is a confessed gambler and has huge debt because of it. He takes his paycheck and uses it to gamble on lotto scratch-off tickets. His wife has no clue that this is going on. He doesn’t know what to do anymore and acknowledges he needs help.

ANSWER: The good news is that you’ve hit bottom and you’re ready to change. There’s going to be some pain involved, because by definition if you are lying to your loved ones and your life is out of control, you are an addict of that activity.

Call your pastor and get in a gambler’s anonymous class within seven days. Don’t waste any time and don’t go anywhere near a market that has lotto scratch-off tickets. Your pastor can lead you on how to sit down and talk with your wife. The reality is you’ve been sowing some stuff that you’ll now reap. At the core of this is a spiritual thing, and you’ve been searching for peace in the wrong place.