Being Sued With No Money?

Linda has been served papers for a Sears credit card.

QUESTION: Linda was served lawsuit papers over a $4,000 Sears credit card debt. She’s tried to make arrangements to pay them, but has been told that what she can pay is unacceptable.  Both she and her husband are unemployed.

ANSWER: Here's the deal...your husband needs to start cutting grass and delivering pizza this week.  I know you say he's doing "all he can", but bringing in $1500 over three months isn't all someone can do.

Call Sears and tell them your situation.  Let them know your both unemployed and being fed by your church.  Also let them know about your husband's new job and that you're very committed to working out a payback plan.  Maybe they won't sue you, maybe they will, either way you owe them.  Remember, get to work yesterday.