Stealing From Your Own

Allison's stepmother is biploar and ran up debt on a credit card she opened using Allison's social security number! Don't sweep this under the rug, Dave says.

QUESTION: Allison’s stepmom is bipolar and opened a credit card in Allison’s Social Security number and ran up $1,500 in debt. The credit card company said the only way to get it off her credit report is to list it as fraud. She doesn’t want to do that because it might hurt her stepmom. She wants Dave’s advice


Read what Dave says:
Someone with a bipolar disorder knows what he or she is doing. What if she buys a car and a house in your name next week? There needs to be a police report filed. You need to put a fraud victim alert on your credit report to keep your stepmom from opening another fraudulent account. What’s good for your stepmom is to face the music and have some limitations here.

Out of love, don’t sweep this under the rug. Make her face up to what she’s done. File a police report and have your dad make good on the debt that she incurred. She’s going to have a bunch of stuff put around her neck that says she’s an identity thief. But that’s GOOD for her.