Best Of Dave

Business or personal?

Tony and his wife are on Baby Step 2 of Dave's plan. Tony started a part-time business last year with a friend, and the business has about $6,000 in debt, which Tony signed for. He asks Dave how that plays into his family's plans to pay off debt. Listen to the conversation, as Dave works through what Tony is up against and explains there's really no difference between business debt and personal debt here.

You know what to do

Madaje lives in Boston, where she is having second thoughts about the unique relationship she has with her financially dependent boyfriend. Listen as Dave talks to her about the situation and helps her realize she already knows the right thing to do.

Creditors and family

Kate has received several phone calls and voicemail messages from creditors who are looking for her mom. She's not sure how to handle things. It's becoming a nuisance, and her mom just shrugs it off and tells her not to worry about anything. Listen as Dave gives her a few pointers for handling creditors who cross the line and the situation with her mom.

Eyes wide open

Jen's husband is an optometrist. He has been offered the opportunity to become a full partner at the practice in which he is currently an associate. Jen asks Dave for advice on evaluating the offer, so that they can make a wise and informed decision. Listen as Dave talks about the pros and cons of partnerships and business models.