Young, Jobless And Scared

Seth is scared, lost his job and doesn't know how he's going to support his family.

QUESTION: Seth lost his job earlier this week, and he has some debt. He is in his 20s, married and has a 10-month-old daughter. He wants to know how to keep his head above water. Dave gives him short term and long term goals to shoot for.

ANSWER: I'd go crazy about finding an income, because this is all about finding an income. If this involves delivering pizzas at night and working at the mall at weekends to replace your income, then do that while you hunt for a full-time job. A lot of companies are hiring now in this season.

In the meantime, you may swap with your wife on babysitting your child so she can earn an income. Sell some stuff at a garage sale. Take care of food first, then utilities, then the mortgage and transportation. You don't go to a restaurant unless you work there, and Christmas is a craft. You can make enough to take care of necessities by delivering pizzas. This is very doable and takes care of your short term worries until you find a full-time job.