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"Write it down. You'll be glad you did," Dave says about your Total Money Makeover journey. Learn more
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A better relationship with your daughter is not far away. All it takes is intentionally engaging her in meaningful and authentic ways. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is the perfect resource to encourage and motivate you on this journey. Learn more
Dumping Debt - Audio CD
Lesson from Financial Peace University
$10.00 List $14.99
In this core Financial Peace University lesson, Dave shows you how to become debt free as he walks you through the necessary steps and details of dumping debt with the Debt Snowball method. Learn more
$10.00 List $14.99
In this core Financial Peace University lesson, Dave shows you how to live on less than you make, pay your bills, allow for entertainment, AND still have money left over at the end of the month. Learn more
$10.00 List $24.99
In Dave's most recent best-seller, he lays out seven organized, easy-to-follow steps that will lead you out of debt and into a total money makeover. Learn more
The Best Christmas Ever (Book plus Audio CD)
Teaches Kids About Contentment
$7.00 List $19.95
This special edition Junior's Adventures book, The Best Christmas Ever, teaches kids contentment and that giving makes for a merrier Christmas than receiving. Learn more
Financial Peace Revisited
Get Out of Debt and Stay Out
$10.00 List $24.95
Rich with anecdotes, insights, simple worksheets and easy-to-follow, step-by-step methods, Financial Peace Revisited is the definitive road map to personal control, financial security, a revitalized family dynamic and life-long peace. Learn more
EntreLeadership Journal
Companion to EntreLeadership
The perfect place to write everything you ever wanted to know about building and growing a business but didn’t know who to ask. Learn more

Starter Envelope System
Includes Bonus PDF Guide
$10.00 List $17.95
The Starter Envelope System has all the tools that you need to begin Dave's proven, easy-to-use cash management system. Try this simple way to manage your household income and expenses and avoid spending more than you earn! Learn more
$45.00 List $124.74
If you're just starting with Dave's principles, this is a great way to get immersed in the essentials that will transform everything you do from here on out. Learn more
$7.00 List $9.95
Have you ever wondered how you spent so much money without even realizing it? Junior learns this lesson the hard way. Learn more
$7.00 List $9.95
Junior and his class take an exciting field trip to learn about money from their favorite cartoon hero, Dollar Bill! This book teaches children the benefits of planning ahead for unexpected expenses. Learn more

$19.95 List $25.99
Dave says, "If you are a parent, employee, employer, brother, sister, or are otherwise breathing in and out, chances are that you have influence. In that case, you should read this book." Learn more
The Go-Giver
Foreword by Dave Ramsey
$10.00 List $21.95
The Go-Giver tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who learns that changing his focus from getting to giving-putting others' interests first and continually adding value to their lives-ultimately leads to unexpected returns. Learn more
$10.00 List $19.99
It's time to close the gap between your day job and your dream job. It's time to be a quitter. Learn more
$10.00 List $22.95
Explore the five stages every life goes through on the path to awesome and look at what it takes to punch fear in the face, escape average and do work that matters. Learn more

EntreLeadership - eBook
#1 New York Times Bestseller
$6.00 List $12.95
Everything you ever wanted to know about building and growing a business but didn’t know who to ask. Learn more
Junior's Adventures - 6-Disc Audio Set
Winner of the Communicator Award!
$19.95 List $39.95
Introducing the Junior's Adventures six-disc audio set. Keep your kids entertained anywhere at anytime with six stories on giving, saving, spending, integrity, work, and debt! Learn more
The Go-Getter - eBook
both Kindle & ePub versions
$5.00 List $14.99
Dave says, "This classic book teaches a critical success principle. Success in any area of your life requires that you decide that you will not be denied from reaching your goal. Everyone on my team is required to read this book." Learn more
$10.00 List $19.95
In this 60-minute Financial Peace University lesson, Dave explains the scriptural guidelines for handling money and how our stewardship is a reflection of all areas of our lives. Learn more

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