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What if there was a gift that would prepare graduating seniors for their college experience? We have what you're looking for. The Graduate's Survival Guide is a book and DVD gift set in a stylish gift case. Learn more
$29.95 List $49.95
Transform children's futures with these colorful and entertaining books that teach them how to handle money NOW. These wonderful stories will teach real life stuff and are so fun your children won’t even know they’re learning! Learn more
$69.00 List $99.00
Help your teens take the first steps to being who they're called to be. In three exciting DVD lessons, Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey help your teens discover their true identity and teach them how to fight advertising lies and peer pressure. Learn more
$14.95 List $19.95
Introducing the ALL NEW Junior's Smart Saver Bank. Learning about money has never been this fun! The Smart Saver Bank is the smart way to help your kids practice giving, saving and spending wisely! Learn more
$34.00 List $64.94
Want to make a real difference in a child's life? For ages 3-12, this includes cool tools for teaching kids about money, including the complete set of Dave's children's books each highlighting a different life lesson. Learn more
$19.95 List $39.95
Introducing the NEW Junior's Adventures 6-CD Audio Set. Keep your kids entertained anywhere at anytime with six stories on giving, saving, spending, integrity, work, and debt! Learn more