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Are you controlling your money? Or is it controlling you?

Let’s face it—money is emotional. If you feel out of control, stressed, or maybe even guilty or ashamed about money choices, take control back with a zero-based budget. Name every dollar, coming in and going out. Leave the guilt and worry behind and move forward with confidence!

Our Budget Wizard will help you get started in only minutes. And Dave’s recommended spending percentages are a great benchmark to help you figure out where you are and where you need to be. Get started today - the first 7 days are FREE!


The Debt Snowball Tool

Part of a budget plan is a Debt Snowball. After you pay off a debt, roll those monthly payments to your next debt, and become debt-free more quickly!

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We are on a mission to change the nation and are looking for other like-minded, high-quality people to join us.

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