Help Your Students Win With Money!

Our message is different. We're not a financial institution, and we don't try to sell the students sophisticated financial products. We simply challenge the way they view money and empower them with the education they need to graduate on a solid financial foundation. These students are our future.

Foundations in Personal Finance is a turn-key academic curriculum that engages students and teaches them practical and relevant financial skills.

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Campuses across the nation have implemented Foundations in unique settings such as clubs, greeks, and other student affairs programs.

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“You learn what to stay away from. I felt like I was able to learn how to manage my money a lot better.” —Foundations college student


“This is some of the most powerful, life-changing curriculum I've ever had an opportunity to work with.” —Vanda Pauwels, Ph.D.
Accounting Professor


“It's been really easy for me to use the Foundations curriculum. The video-based program is very appealing to college students.” —Tom Roesler, Alumni Advisor


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Foundations is available for both in the classroom and unique situations such as clubs, greeks and other student affairs groups.

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Drop Out Rate

Only 46.4% of college students reported that they had adequate financial resources to finish college.

Noel Levitz, 2009

Financial Education

64% of undergraduates indicated they needed more education on financial management topics.

Sallie Mae – How Undergraduates use Credit Cards, 2009

Student Credit Card Debt

68% of college students have charged items to their credit cards knowing they didn't have the money to pay the bill.

Salle Mae – How Undergraduates use Credit Cards, 2009