Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Foundations in Personal Finance? Check the list of frequently asked questions below. If you don't find an answer, please contact us.


Where can my son/daughter take this?

Check our list of campuses. If your student's campus is listed, contact the school to find out how they can be a part of the class. If their campus is not listed, encourage your student to start a group on campus to go through the five-chapter curriculum. Students can contact their student affairs office if they are unsure how to form a student group or club.


I am a college student. How can I get this started on my campus?

As a student, the easiest way to bring Foundations to your campus is through a student group. Whether you are currently part of a group, (e.g. Greek, business club, student government, etc) or you create a new one, you can be the catalyst for getting this started. To learn how to form a student club or group, contact your student affairs office.


I want to teach this curriculum on a college campus. How do I get started?

If you are currently a faculty or staff member at a college or university, contact us today for help creating a customized plan for your class.

If you are not currently employed by a college or university, we do not provide consultation on how to gain employment at a higher education institution. Feel free to approach a college's administration about teaching Foundations, but we do not provide coaching for that process.


Is this available for individual purchase?

No. This product is not packaged for individual use. The smallest package available for our five-chapter version is for a group of 10 students. If you are an individual looking to go through this program, get a group of friends together and make it happen!


What makes Foundations in Personal Finance different than other programs?

This isn't some boring financial class, and we aren't a financial institution looking to sell students sophisticated financial products. We care about empowering students to be change agents in their generation. Foundations in Personal Finance is real-life knowledge every student needs to graduate on sound financial footing and be set up to win with money. It's entertaining, relevant and, most of all, challenges how students view money. They will complete this class equipped with the knowledge and motivation to take control of their financial well-being


What age level is appropriate for Foundations in Personal Finance college edition?

Our college edition is designed specifically for traditional-age college students. While beneficial for non-traditional students, the content is tailored for first-time students.


How much class time is needed?

The five-chapter curriculum is designed to be used with student clubs and groups, ranging from student support services, Greek life, first year experience and other student affairs programs. Each chapter includes Dave and our team of experts teaching by video. Each chapter has approximately 60-90 minutes of video and is segmented into several parts, each part no more than 20 minutes. The video material is used in conjunction with a student guide that includes notes, budgeting forms and group discussion questions. The program can be formatted to fit your specific situation. Popular formats include having five sessions which are each two hours in length or 10 sessions which are each 50-60 minutes in length.

The 12-chapter curriculum is designed for an academic classroom and can be used as a primary or supplemental resource. There is enough material to implement the program in a three credit hour course. Since each chapter is stand-alone, it can also be used as a supplemental resource.

Each chapter includes Dave and our team of experts teaching by video. Each chapter has approximately 60-90 minutes of video and is segmented into several parts, each part no more than 20 minutes. The video material is used in conjunction with a working textbook including activities, case studies, group discussion questions and much more that can be used both in the classroom and as homework assignments.


For which concentration or class is Foundations in Personal Finance best suited?

Foundations in Personal Finance can be used in ANY course. It fits best with personal finance and financial literacy courses. It is also used in economics, consumer math, family and consumer sciences, business, life skills and other similar courses.


How much preparation is required for each chapter?

Forget those endless nights of contemplating tomorrow's activities! We've done the work for you. Our team of educators and advisors has strategically provided fool-proof lesson plans and activities that will make your prep time seem like a dream.

The curriculum is turn-key in that all the videos, activities, lesson plans, case studies, assessments*, powerpoints* etc. are included. The only thing you need to do is become familiar with the material.

*available only in 12-chapter version

What do I have to know in order to teach Foundations in Personal Finance?

No prior knowledge is required. Dave and our team of experts provide the information. You just have to use your teaching skills by managing your classroom, generating discussion, challenging and engaging your students, and assessing their knowledge.


What type of support do you offer instructors who teach Foundations in Personal Finance?

Our team of curriculum advisors is available to answer all of your questions. We also have additional resources through our company that can help you learn more about financial literacy.


Do I need to be certified to teach Foundations in Personal Finance?

No. The only limitations you have are the ones put on you by your individual college/university program.


How is Foundations in Personal Finance college edition different than the high school edition?

Foundations in Personal Finance college edition was newly designed specifically with college students and college education in mind. Along with the standard topics, content covers college-specific topics such as student loans and campus meal plans. Online resources are provided for a blended-learning environment. The 12-chapter college edition working textbook is hardback with approximately 100 additional pages of text and resources, including excerpts from Dave Ramsey’s New York Times best-selling book, The Total Money Makeover. The college edition also offers both online and shortened (5-chapter) formats for a variety of settings.


How much does it cost?

We have a variety of formats and packages available to fit your specific situation. Our curriculum advisors will help you determine which format is best for you and provide you with pricing information based on that format and the number of students involved.


How do I get started?

Fill out an information request form and one of our advisors will contact you with details.


Do you get college credit for using this curriculum?

If this curriculum is being offered as part of a course you are enrolled in at a college or university, that course may count toward your college credits; ask your advisor to find out. If you are interested in starting an accredited course using this curriculum, that is a conversation you will need to have with the college/university with whom you are employed or seeking employment. We can provide you with curriculum details, but we do not provide consultation in course accreditation or how to become employed by a higher education institution.


Can this curriculum be used in both public and private institutions?

Yes. Foundations in Personal Finance is available for use in public and private education. It has been developed to meet constitutional guidelines for use in public education.


Don't see an answer to your question?

Please contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide more information about our curriculum.
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