How will Financial Peace University benefit your clients?

  • Low- to moderate-income families who complete the program have an average financial turnaround of $1,000–$1,400 during the first 91 days.

  • The teaching helps successfully transition your clients into the community as they learn to live on less than they make.

  • The program provides tools for on-site training so you don’t need to travel to a class location.

  • Learning is mostly by audio and video—important for clients with basic literacy issues.

  • Dave does the teaching on DVD, so this is an easy-to-implement, turn-key training solution that requires no special certification for facilitators.

  • You will be able to measure the number and percentage of participants who start an emergency fund, create a written budget, use the envelope system, and begin the debt snowball.

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Help individuals and families learn how to take control of their financial lives.

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"Financial Peace University assists our organization in meeting its mission by challenging the fast-cash, easy way mentality of our culture." Brandon Lackey Alabama Teen Challenge Director of Development