53% of Christians have not given to their
church in the last month.

Not only that, but church giving has not exceeded 3% as a portion of income in 40 years. Church members want to give, but they are so burdened by personal debt that tithing is difficult.

But there is a solution. Dave Ramsey’s Momentum is a church-wide journey that will transform the way your church views money and giving.

Momentum is all about leading your people to financial maturity by cultivating a culture of giving in your church and your community. You will accomplish this by using a comprehensive plan, as part of your Momentum journey, to intentionally disciple your church about finances.

Momentum meets your church at the point of its greatest need. Your church will learn how to handle God’s money God’s way while reaching out and making an impact on the community. Learn More.

  • You don't have to beg, plead, or borrow.

    There is a better way. Unleash your generous givers by teaching your church how to handle money God's way.
    Our Approach

  • It takes time and God's blessing.

    By staying focused and intense over time, we create unbelievable, unstoppable momentum!
    How It Works

  • The journey begins with a training.

    Learn how to lead your church on a journey to church-wide financial peace.

  • Churches are seeing the positive effects.

    Check out what pastors have to say about Momentum.
    Success Stories

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Momentum Training

The journey begins with training.


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