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We Did It!

An Incredible Feeling!

from daveramsey.com on Thu, 20 Jun 2013 02:29:48 CST In the spring of 2012, our daughter, a huge Dave Ramsey fan, gave us and her three siblings the book Total Money Makeover and strongly suggested that we all read it to learn the baby steps and get out of debt. She also sent us all some of your pod casts, for the reluctant readers in the group. :) My husband and I found the pod casts and other people's stories very interesting so I read the book in a very short time. It began to light a fire under me, and then my husband, that living debt free was within our reach and what were we waiting for? Then my husband put two and two together, and said that if we became debt free, he could retire after one more year of teaching, 32 years total! Long story short, we have paid off $46,146 in 12 months. This consisted of our mortgage and car. My husband is 55 and I am 53, also a teacher. My husband is retiring this month and starting a new career as director of our local Challenger Learning Center - named after the space shuttle, Challenger. We are grateful that our daughter turned us on to the Dave Ramsey financial thinking because it kicked us off our complacent perch and inspired us to become DEBT FREE. FREEDOM!