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Stupid Tax

Sallie Mae Co Signer

from daveramsey.com on Sun, 27 Jan 2013 05:57:31 CST My daughter and her husband asked me to co sign his loan for school. I knew what the Bible said, but did it anyway. I thought well, what can happen, he's going to medical school. Well a divorce later, he is no where to be found. His parents won't tell me where he is at "he has a stressful job". What was $25,000 is now $40,000. He never paid one payment. I tried to find him, no luck. The loan went into default, Sallie Mae made a deal with me. I must pay $167 a mth for the next 23 years. My daughter is now remarried with 4 children, and very little money, so she can't help. I am reaching retirement now, but must continue to pay. I saw his picture and it looks like he is working in a hosipital in London. I can't find him anywhere in US. When I spoke with his mom, she said that she is paying his other $325,000 student loan for medical school and she was not going to add mine. I signed it, I pay it. So learn from my mistake, I was not working at time I signed the papers, but I will be paying for it rest of my life. Now that's stupid tax!!