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Stupid Tax

The tortoise had it right.

from daveramsey.com on Sat, 14 Jan 2012 09:49:41 CST In '08 I gave a client $22k to invest in Florida real estate b/c it looked like such a great deal. We were doing okay financially but we certainly werent getting rich fast. So I took advantage of this terrific opportunity. It gets worse. b/c we didn't have enough saved and credit cards were so readily available I borrowed $15k from them to do this. Fast forward 4 years - I have only received $4k back from him in total so I'm still out $18k of which $12,600 is still on the credit cards plus all the interest charges b/c that 0% on the credit card didnt stay 0% for long. Lesson learned-trying to jump ahead only ended up getting us further behindthe tortoise had it right-slow and steady wins the race