Debt Settlement Companies Aren't Magic
Jake asks how Dave feels about debt management companies. Can they help him? Dave says he'd stay away from them no matter what.
Debt Settlement A Grave Mistake?
Barbara was feeling desperate because of her $10,000 in debt and signed with a debt settlement company. Has she made a grave mistake?
Cashing Out A Structured Settlement
David has a daughter with a structured settlement as a result of her mother's death. She wants to buy a house as a single mom. Should she cash out the settlement and take the lump sum?
Give Electronic Access or Lose the Deal
Louise's mom received a letter from CitiBank regarding a debt settlement. Her mom is going to accept the settlement, but when Louise asked for a verification letter, CitiBank wanted electronic access to her mom’s account.
You Can Settle Better
One debt settlement company is causing Renee some headaches. As it turns out, she can do the job better than them.
Electronic Access Goof
Dave warns Tori that the credit card company will lie and clean them out if they gave them electronic access to their checking account for a debt settlement.
Settlements for Medical Bills
Most hospitals will settle old medical bills for pennies on the dollar - just be sure to get the agreement in writing.
Invest Settlement for College?
Dave helps Karen decide how to invest a large settlement for her 11 year old daughter.
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