Sharing Successes
Amanda and her husband are only 28 years old and have no debt whatsoever. They don't share this information due to being treated differently by others. How should they handle this situation?
Getting a Fresh Start
Johnny recently became a Christian, and up until this point, he made no plans for the future and lived in the moment. Now he wants to get his life on track. He isn't sure where to start.
How Does Dave Justify Wealth?
Lisa asks how Dave justifies building wealth when there is so much need in the world.
Dave On Hyperinflation
Chris is concerned about hyperinflation. What would be Dave's plan if that starts?
Avoiding Student Loans With Parenting
Dave rants about student loans and the stupidity involved in making a decision about where to go to college and what to study.
Dave On His Bankruptcy
Dave talks about filing bankruptcy 25 years ago.
What Is a Free Market?
A listener asks Dave to define what a free market is. Dave explains.
Dave Is a Pragmatist
Dave responds to negative comments from listeners who claim that capitalism is evil.
Is Wealth Because of Luck?
Dave reads some articles about how the rich people of the world got that way.
Vanilla Financial Advice
Dave rants about normal in America and the insanity of vanilla financial advice.
The Boomerang Generation
Dave reads an article from CNN Money about boomerang kids.
Lotto For Losers
Gary on Twitter asks why playing the lottery is a bad thing.
Does Government Intervention Work?
Dave talks for a few minutes about government intervention when the economy tanks and gives his opinion of it.
Student Loan Crisis?
Dave discusses the student loan crisis going on in this country today.
Life Is a Filmstrip
Dave rants about the need to look at life as a filmstrip rather than a snapshot.
Grieving With Dignity
Robin tells Dave her story of tragedy, preparation and love.
Student Loans Worse Than Credit Cards?
Dave rants about student loans and how he may dislike them more than credit cards.
U.S. Currency Deflation?
Steven asks what Dave thinks about the income deflation of U.S. currency.
Parents Need to Parent
Dave rants about people who go to school for degrees, take on debt to do it, then can't find a job to pay off the debt.
An Emotional Exercise
Dave rants about the need to change behavior before real change in your life can happen.
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