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Everyone has a story

Yours is made up of little everyday moments that come together to create lasting memories. Whether you've rewritten your story through Financial Peace University or you're simply dreaming of a new chapter, we want to hear all about it.

Everyone has a story

Whether you've rewritten your story through FPU or you're simply dreaming of a new chapter, we want to hear all about it.

McKenzie's story

My husband and I love Financial Peace University so much that we've taken it two times in the last two years...or perhaps we took that class twice simply to remind and motivate ourselves that financial peace doesn't come instantly, but with determination and commitment. Either way, Financial Peace University has completely changed our lives. Prior to our marriage two years ago, I took on 30,000 dollars worth of college debt to get my Master's and fulfill my dream of lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. Unfortunately my debt was about the same size as the annual salary I will receive in my first few years of teaching. Had I never taken FPU, I would be paying off that debt for 20 years, making minimal payments with my limited salary. Thankfully, with the support of my loving husband, with incredible "gazelle intensity" and with a budget and a very specific plan to attack debt with my ENTIRE portion of our income (while we use my husband's income for our monthly budgeting needs), we plan to be completely debt free in approximately one year. Thank you Dave (and for our loving friends who recommended the class) for teaching use while we are still "young marrieds" and are still able to change and impact our family tree.

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