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The Turnaround Tracker

More than 2.5 million families have changed their lives through FPU since it first launched in 1994. The tracker is a real time calculation of the estimated turnaround that occurs each time another family signs up for FPU.

The average family attending FPU pays off $5,300 and saves $2,700 in the first 90 days.

Over the last 20 years that adds up to over $6.5 Billion in savings and almost $13 Billion in debt paid off.

While you've been reading this, another FPU family just paid off their car loan and saved $1,000. You can do it too!

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The Turnaround Tracker

What's this?

FreetoSmile's story

My husband, Jed, first introduced me to FPU when we were dating about 10 years ago. He had the kit, but was unable to attend classes due to his work schedule. We half-heartely applied the principles, but didn't make much headway when we didn't stick to the plan. Shortly after we got married, he was deployed with the Marines to Iraq in 2005, and during his absence, I began to work the debt snowball. We paid off some debt, but when he returned from war, we fell into our old impulsive spending patterns, and began accumulating more debt. In June of 2010, my financial security gland began acting up, I decided that I had had enough! I bought the Total Money Makeover book, and read it cover to cover in a weekend! I was, as Dave Ramsey puts it, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I became fired up about working his plan, and sticking to it this time! Jed read the book after me, and together we made a decision to cut out our overspending, create a budget, and crawl out of our debt! We also made the important decision to be obedient to the Lord and began tithing every paycheck, something we had wanted to do, but never seemed to have the money for when we didn't have a budget! By March of 2011 we conquered baby step 2 and we finally were able to scream WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!! We had paid off $16,000 in debt, and had had the money in the bank to replace the transmission on his car! We then moved on to baby step 3, got 3 months living expenses saved up, and began working on funding our retirement investments again! We also saved up and went on 3 different vacations, paying cash for our plane tickets, rental cars, and everything else we did! We've been slowly building up to our 6 months emergency fund at the same time, and this month will also begin investing in our two children's college funds (they are ages 3 and 6 months)! We are so excited to be in a place now where we don't worry about money anymore! As soon as our 6 months is fully loaded, we'll be working baby step 6, and begin paying our hugely underwater mortgage down with extra payments! God has been so good to us, and we are so appreciative of the work He is doing through Dave Ramsey to help people like us get out of debt and change our family tree! We will begin leading our 3rd round of FPU at our church this fall, and we're so excited to continue helping others work the plan and change their family trees as well!