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Everyone has a story

Yours is made up of little everyday moments that come together to create lasting memories. Whether you've rewritten your story through Financial Peace University or you're simply dreaming of a new chapter, we want to hear all about it.

Everyone has a story

Whether you've rewritten your story through FPU or you're simply dreaming of a new chapter, we want to hear all about it.

Cynthia's story

Four sons, in-law apartment, living 30 miles north of Boston,MA and with high housing costs in this area make it difficult to save let alone pay off around $50,000 in debt. This type of pressure cooker was getting to my husband ,Ben and we decided to go to FPU at a Methodist church 20 min. away for the 13 week commitment. Now, 2&1/2 years later we are thrilled to say we payed everything off. Have had money in emergency accounts several times to help with car repairs, long distance funeral, and our pug's surgery. We were also able to repair an area of our home after ice dam damage from 2010-2011 bad New England winter! Now we are working on step 3 and saving up to 3-6 months salary. We celebrated our 20th anniversary in May, with a cruise to Bermuda, which was a very big surprise that came at the tail end of working hard with the budget and my Mom's passing away. The boys ages are 17, 15, 13, and 10 so our grocery bill is the hardest thing to control. We will take a summer vacation to Maine to relax as a family before college rolls around. We are so thankful for FPU! I have passed out many cards with the steps to friends and strangers. I have friends without children that say:"How do you do it?" my response is "God's grace, discipline, and Dave Ramsey!"

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