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We believe budgeting should be easy and, dare we say it, FUN! Give every dollar a name and focus your money on what matters. Knock out those pesky debts and build wealth with Dave’s FREE budget tool. It’s way easier than pen and paper!

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Stuff You'll Love:

  • Create and update your budget from your computer and phone.
  • Track and split transactions against your budget.
  • View what’s planned, spent and remaining.
  • Monitor your progress through Dave’s Baby Steps.
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Create a budget, manage money and track spending from your phone with EveryDollar apps for iPhone and Android! Whether you budget from your desktop or phone EveryDollar syncs across devices making it easy for you to know where you’re at with your money.

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We built a world-class support team to protect and guide you every step of the way.

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Access EveryDollar across devices with bank-level security in the cloud.

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We're here to make your EveryDollar experience as smooth as your favorite jar of peanut butter.

Expert Advice

EveryDollar connects you with local experts for ways to discover hidden money in your budget.

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