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Who Says Leadership Doesn’t Come With Instructions?

EntreLeadership Master Series is an amazing six-day business experience taught by Dave Ramsey at his headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. If you’re looking to grow yourself, your team and your profits, it’s the place you have to be. You'll have the awesome opportunity to learn how to change the future of your business as you spend quality time with Dave and his team on their home turf.

The principles you’ll walk away with have been proven in real-world experience. They're practical, and they come straight from the daily battles of business in the trenches. They’ve helped Dave build a business that started in his living room into an organization of more than 400 team members, and they'll spur you to reach your potential as a leader.

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You can be the leader people want to follow. We can show you how.

After six action-packed days, you will be an EntreLeader. You’ll be transformed into a hard-charging, passionate, encouraging and motivating force with the spirit of an entrepreneur and the humble qualities of a leader. It’s an added bonus that you’ll have a blast in the process—being entertained by some of Nashville’s finest and seeing parts of this great city that few people get to encounter!

Answer Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Running an Effective Business

You will have the incredible opportunity to dive into topics like:

  • Organization and Communication
  • Visions and Goal Setting
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Communication, Personality Styles and Mission Statements
  • Creating a Productive Team Culture
  • Unity and Loyalty
  • Compensation
  • Hiring and Recruiting
  • Firing and Difficult Conversations
  • The Central Nervous System of Your Business
  • Delegation
  • Recognition and Inspiration
  • Accounting and Financial Peace for the EntreLeader

And that’s just the first three days! 

You'll leave this event armed with the tools you need to go back and make an immediate impact on your business.

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If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, then you can’t afford to miss Dave Ramsey’s life-changing EntreLeadership event!

John Maxwell
Leadership Expert, Speaker and Author

EntreLeadership Master Series is a must for any leader in business today. Give yourself the gift of slowing down and taking the time to reflect on you and your business. One week can change the direction and the success of your team and your business. I'm now able to start my business with a firm foundation from the get-go, and I feel I'm ready to go out there and rock and roll!

Melissa Timmer
EntreLeadership Master Series Alumnus

EntreLeadership Master Series is by far the best training program I’ve ever experienced.  Everything was just super professional, including the accommodations, presentations and material. Why are you still standing there?  Go sign up NOW!

Kelsey Long
EntreLeadership Master Series Alumnus

If you’re looking for positive leadership advice that will have an immediate impact on your business, Dave Ramsey has your answer!

Truett Cathy
Founder of Chick-fil-A


Every element of this experience is top-notch: the hotel, the teaching, the activities, and the opportunity to spend a week with other like-minded businesspeople! Dave will not only teach you how to grow your business like never before, he and his leadership team will also personally interact with you over the course of the weeklong event. And best of all, you’ll be on site at our offices in Brentwood, Tennessee. We’ve decided to give you a glimpse at the inner workings of Dave’s organization while teaching you how to lead yours.

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Event Details

  Nov. 08-13, 2015
  Financial Peace Plaza Conference Center

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When We Say "World Class," We Mean It

The Ryman Auditorium

EntreLeadership is not just another overhyped motivational seminar. You can cover the basics at an EntreLeadership 1-Day workshop or go in-depth with Dave and his team during the week-long EntreLeadership Master Series conference.