It pays more to use a tax pro – literally!Self-filers might be missing out on hundreds of dollars.

An informal survey of Dave fans on Facebook revealed something interesting. Tax filers using a tax professional receive, on average, significantly higher refund amounts. People who prepare and file taxes themselves received much less in their refunds – we're talking hundreds of dollars! See the True Cost of Do-It-Yourself Taxes by viewing the infographic now.

tax infographic
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How to make sure you get your entire refund

As you can see, for many doing taxes yourself can likely cost you more. If you want to ensure you get the biggest tax return, work with a tax professional. A tax pro will help save money and time during tax season. A tax pro can even look at your past returns to get back lost tax money.

Get your entire refund

Stop leaving your money behind. Work with a Dave Ramsey tax pro. Dave's tax pros are certified professionals with a 93% customer satisfaction rating!

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