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Give your clients the information they need to succeed.

This high-energy and motivating course isn't just fun—it also meets all court requirements for pre-discharge debtor education in all U.S. states and territories. Give your clients the information they need to succeed. In just two hours, your clients will learn the steps to financial success and how to start over the right way. This information goes way beyond the requirement—and your clients will thank you!

Course Overview

  • The importance of both knowledge and behavior when managing your money

  • The three reasons why it’s important to save money

  • The seven Baby Steps to financial success

  • The purpose and process of writing and sticking to a budget

  • Myths and truths of debt and the credit industry

  • The power and influence that marketing has on your everyday buying decisions

  • The secrets of buying only big, big bargains—every time!

  • How to win when buying or selling your home.

  • Finding the best mortgage options available—and learning which ones to avoid

  • Understanding your credit score and how to handle collectors when they call

Additional Resources

  • Downloadable Tools

    Free Budgeting Forms & Apps

    Good budgeting is the key to any financial plan. Dave provides his budgeting forms for free to all of our debtor education graduates.

  • Free Webinar

    Thriving After Bankruptcy

    For the past 20 years, Dave's team of financial coaches has been helping people from all walks of life with their questions. In this webinar, they will use that experience to create a plan of best practices for your clients to help insure their success.

  • Free eBook

    Dave Ramsey's Bankruptcy Survival Guide

    We have taken the most common financial questions clients ask their attorneys about life after bankruptcy and answered them for you. This simple-to-read book will serve as a great reference as they start their journey to rebuilding their financial lives.