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You want boring? This isn't it. This high-energy and motivating course is not only fun, it meets all court requirements for pre-discharge debtor education in all U.S. states and territories.

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Why Dave Ramsey's Debtor Education Course?

Dave understands your situation. At 26, he had to file bankruptcy. The experience had a profound impact on him. He went on a quest to find out how money really works and how to rebuild his wealth and keep it. This course is the result of that quest.

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Video is streamed over the internet to your computer. Workbook available for download.


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Dave's team understands, too. They will walk with you as you complete the course, responding quickly to any questions you have. You'll get your completion certificate no later than the next business day—the same day if you complete the course during our business hours.

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Honoring Military Personnel

Dave's Debtor Education Course is free to all active duty military personnel. To request a free military voucher, contact us at debtoreducation@daveramsey.com

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