Say No To Cosigning

from on 14 Aug 2009

By Joanne in NM

I thought I had it made. I got through a divorce and paid off the bills from my marriage, so I only had a house payment to make. I did it in only three years!

Then, my youngest son asked me to cosign on a car loan for him. He said his father had no credit and couldn't help him. I said okay and ended up with a car in my name only, but "Mom, I promise I'll make the payments!" I now have a car payment and a son who won't talk to me, because I won't let him have the car that he didn't make the payments on. On top of thatI paid off my house. So I only have a car payment on a car that I don't need. I'm so upside down that I would have to pay $8,000 to sell it.

Now, I know how to say no!

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