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6 Household Items on Sale in March

Don’t look now, but the first two months of the year are almost finished. That went by fast, didn’t it?

March is almost here. That means spring is right around the corner. With the coming of spring—and the departure of winter—you should be able to find some deals out there on the shelves. You just have to know what to look for.

So what are some products you might be able to find on sale in March?

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Frozen Foods: Kind of random, yes. But March is National Frozen Food Month. You’re likely to find some good deals on a frozen pizza or two.

Luggage: March is a vacation no-man’s land. So with summer still a few months away, shops are unloading last year’s models.

Gardening Tools: In a month, everyone’s going to be looking for new gardening tools. If you need them, go ahead and get yours now before the rush and the prices go up.

Exercise Machines: As the weather gets better, more people will start exercising outdoors. That means fewer people will be buying exercise machines like treadmills and ellipticals. That means stores will have extra stock and be more willing to give some discounts!

Bikes: New models arrive in February and March, so you might be able to find a great deal on last year’s models.

Winter Clothes: If you need a new pair a boots, a jacket or a sweater, then buy now while retailers have their winter clothes on clearance.

Other Stuff: If you’re out of debt and have some money to spend, then this time of year is also great for buying things like boats, golf clubs and ski equipment.

Remember, you’re only looking for deals on items you need in the first place. Never buy something you don’t need just because it’s on sale.

Plus, since you might be able to find these items on sale throughout March, you have time to plan for it in the budget. If you need to save up for a purchase, be sure to ask retailers when a sale expires so you’ll know how much time you have.

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