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How to Protect Your Family From Financial Disaster

After receiving the terrible news that they would never have children of their own, Karen Evans Irwin and her husband accepted their fate and embraced a new plan to become adoptive parents. 

Then, in the first of many miracles, Karen became pregnant with twins!

Trouble began quickly, however. In April, Karen was put on bed rest to await her September due date.

On July 13, one of the twins’ water broke, and Karen was flown to Spokane for expert care. A difficult labor put one of the twins in distress, so the boys were delivered by Cesarean section July 14, 1996, weighing less than 4 pounds each—miracle No. 2.

Like any new mother, Karen would not leave her boys. For months, she stayed at the hospital, feeding them, holding them to keep them warm, and learning to handle the medical challenges of preemies.

When they did go home, the challenges followed them. Each twin had a heart monitor and special formula. Then there were the doctor bills.

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It all came to over $2 million,” Karen said. That’s a staggering amount for any family, but for young parents caring for twins fresh from months in the hospital—most of us wouldn’t want to imagine it.

But Karen and her husband were smart and responsible, making sure they had the insurance coverage they needed before they needed it. “Our [health] insurance covered all but $750,” Karen said. They paid the bill with their adoption fund and still had money left over for diapers and wipes.

That was miracle No. 3.

 “God blesses you with the brains to take insurance when you have the option,” Karen said. “You never know what gifts he will send you or when.”

Protect Your Family Without Going Broke

Getting healthcare coverage can be difficult. Coverage is often expensive, and changes required by the Affordable Care Act have not been clearly defined yet. But, as you can see from Karen’s story, health insurance can stand between your family and financial disaster.

Here are a couple of tips to help you get the coverage you need without breaking the bank:

Always Shop Around: If you can get health insurance through your employer like Karen did, great! But don’t automatically assume you’re getting the best deal or the best coverage for your family. The health insurance industry offers hundreds of options, so you may find policies that offer equal or better coverage for less money.

Work With an Independent Agent: If comparing the pros and cons of hundreds of health insurance policies sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. An independent insurance agent can do the shopping for you and find affordable coverage that gives your family the protection it needs. Independent agents aren’t tied to one company, so they can offer you more options, saving you time and money.

Get Help to Protect Your Family Today!

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