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Heart-Warming Giving Lessons From Kids

from on 10 Nov 2011

You’ve heard the expression, "Kids say the darndest things." But when they say something that has deep meaning, it sticks with you in a different way. Their candid and simple words can teach us lessons that resonate with us for years.

Members of Dave’s My Total Money Makeover community have had some of these moments recently. Here is just a sampling of how profound kids can be:

Off The Top

“My nine-year-old son is currently working hard every Tuesday to do stuff like buy toys, pay Boy Scout dues, or just have some cash. But he does make sure to tithe.

“This week, he announced that he was going to work really hard on Tuesday just to give all the money to God. His words were ‘God deserves more money than just 10%. e does a lot of work, Mom.’” —Shanon in Florida

  • Lesson learned: Always prioritize where your money goes. The most important things in life should get the bulk of your attention.

Take One for the Team

“When I was financially strapped as a single parent, my four-year-old told me he really wanted me to not buy him any birthday presents so I could be ‘happier’ and not be so scared about money. He also offered to give me all the money in his piggy bank.” —Christy in California

  • Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to help the people you love, even if it means sacrificing something of yours.
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No Such Thing As Too Much

“Last summer, our church was taking up a special offering for a family in need. My daughter, who was seven at the time, had received some money from her grandparents for good grades and losing a tooth. I asked her if she wanted to give some of her money to the family. She said, ‘No, mommy. I want to give it all to them.’ I was very proud and very teary-eyed.” —Wade in Texas

  • Lesson learned: The more unselfish you are, the more it inspires others.

Knocking It Out of the Park

“One year, my money-hoarding, 10-year-old son decided that our family was going to adopt a needy church family, and I agreed.

“This son, who never parts with his money, went to the store with me and my husband. When we got there, I split from them to go shopping for the mother of the adopted family. Later, my husband called to tell me to meet him near the checkout lane. When I got there, my son had the cashier in tears because he was taking a wad of money out of his pocket to buy the little girl of the family a coat. Then he asked to speak to the manager.

“My son explained the situation to the manager and asked him if the store would contribute a hat, scarf and mitten set for the little girl because he only had enough to get the coat. My son, the hoarder, walked out of the store with a coat that he paid for and a hat, scarf and mitten set that the store donated, as well as $50 in gift cards for the family! And he was only 10 years old!” —Annie in Ohio

  • Lesson learned: Commit to doing something nice and direct your energy toward that. It will pay off even better than you think.

Generous With Toys

“My daughter always wants to donate her stuffed animals. She gave a box of them to the police department to give to the kids whose lives are disrupted by fires, car accidents, parental arrests, etc. Now she wants to donate another one to an angel-tree kid. She is very generous with her toys." —Lindsey in Texas

  • Lesson learned: It takes a truly good-hearted person to give what is important to them.

What lessons have you learned from kids? Leave a comment below.

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