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Editor’s Picks: Favorite Content From 2012

This was an exciting year around Dave’s office.

We published hundreds of new articles on daveramsey.com, covering everything from the 20th anniversary of The Dave Ramsey Show to the nuts and bolts of the brand-new Financial Peace University.

Without a doubt, 2012 was quite a year for Dave Ramsey and team.

Take a look at some of the online highlights!

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The Dave Ramsey Show: A Look Back at 20 Years

To celebrate The Dave Ramsey Show's 20th anniversary, our writing team interviewed Dave and his producers to craft a five-part series.

Save or Splurge: 7 Items That Are Worth the Extra Money

We all save on some items so we can splurge on others. Do you agree with our splurge list? Check it out.

5 Steps to Make the Leap to Your Dream Job

Stephanie got tired of punching a clock and decided that "good enough" was boring. Find out what she did to pursue her dream job.

Student Loans Aren’t Just for School Anymore

Many students are using student loans to fund their own college party lifestyle. Find out what else they can use these “school” loans to fund.

Say Less to the Dress (and Other Wedding Costs)

With the rising cost of weddings, are you finding yourself saying yes but thinking oh no? Learn how to keep wedding costs under control.

Scientists Say the Debt Snowball Method Works

They say Dave's right! A recent study proves that getting out of debt isn't about math—it's about changing behavior.

7 Characteristics of Debt-Free People

At some point, people who become debt-free decide that enough is enough. What have you decided?

Rewrite Your Story With the New FPU!

Life offers pivotal moments when you alone decide the outcome. This is one of those moments—you pick the next chapter. What will it be?

6 Takeaways From Olympic Champions

Get into the Olympic spirit! Find out what elite athletes like Michael Phelps can teach us.

Tough Times for Retirement Worldwide: How to Make Yours Different

Government-run retirement systems worldwide are in a mess. But the good news is that the solution is up to you!

This past year was outstanding, but you can expect even better things from Dave Ramsey and team in 2013! Tell us in the comments below the types of content would you like to read.

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