Dissecting the DISC

from daveramsey.com on 28 Sep 2010

Why is it that you automatically “click” with some of your coworkers, while others seem to grate on your last nerve? Why do some people fit right into certain jobs, while others never seem to get the hang of it?

A lot of our workplace interactions—the good and the bad—connect back to our personality styles. Sometimes, two similar personality styles might butt heads, or totally opposite personality styles might not “get” each other. This can cause tension, conflict and frustration.

Everyone who goes through Dave’s interview process takes the DISC personality test at some point. The test helps Dave’s leaders understand how each potential team member will fit into the team—and how well they match the job they have applied for. The DISC isn’t gospel and absolute truth, but it does give team leaders a starting point for understanding how team members click.

The DISC breaks down your personality into four categories:

  • D (Dominant): The D will run you over if you’re not careful. This person is a hard-charging driver who is results-oriented and not big on the details. He or she isn’t too concerned about how their decisions will affect other people’s feelings. They just want to get the job done—and get it done quickly.

  • I (Influencing): This personality style is a party waiting for a place to happen. This person could be described as influential, expressive, compulsive, persuasive and easily distracted. The I personality is known as the “people person.” They are loaded with energy and love being around people.

  • S (Stable): The S personality is amiable, loyal, anti-conflict and concerned about pace. Everybody loves the S, and the S loves everybody. The S can be slow about making decisions—only because they want to make sure everyone is on board.

  • C (Compliant): The C is the rulekeeper—the “Barney Fife.” This person is analytical, factual and loves detail and procedures. They can seem rigid. But, to them, the rules are the rules and there is a reason for each one.

Can you see how the differences in each of the personality types can impact how an organization operates every day? For instance, the S wants to make decisions slowly, making sure everyone agrees, and the D makes quick decisions and doesn’t care if feelings get hurt.

Personality conflicts can interfere with an organization of just two people, so just imagine some of the issues you can have in a company of dozens, or even hundreds and thousands of people.

That’s why understanding these personality types is so important. When you understand the people you bring on to your team—and when they understand you and each other—you set yourself up to win.

Read more! Learn about the keys to managing, hiring, and interacting with the different personality types.

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