Dave's Take on the National Debt

from daveramsey.com on 24 Jun 2011

Government spending is out of control, isn’t it? It’s so bad that our federal government would have to cut spending by 27% to balance the budget. That’s insane!

The fact is that government can get out of debt the same way you get out of debt. You quit borrowing money. You quit spending. You balance the budget. But to do all of that, you’ll have to make some sacrifices.

When it comes to government, and when it comes to everyone wanting to get their piece of the pie, no one wants to make the sacrifices. So the spending continues, and our country keeps going deeper in debt.

If you’ve listened to The Dave Ramsey Show in recent years, you know government spending is an issue that gets Dave fired up. That was never more obvious than in one of Dave’s passionate rants during a recent show.

Dave has plenty to say on this subject. Hold on for the ride.

Listen to Dave's rant!

Would you be willing and able to endure the pain of massive spending cuts?

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