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Daveisms Overheard at Christmas Parties

So there you are, dressed up and mingling with your friends or co-workers at the big Christmas party.

Holiday lights glitter on the nearby plants, soft carols play in the background, and everyone is laughing and talking about the decorations and food. Sooner or later, the conversation turns to gifts that people plan to buy.

And that’s when you overhear it. Someone makes a snappy comment about their Christmas spending that can only mean one thing—they are a Dave Ramsey fan just like you! Talk about a holiday surprise.

Both of you know that it’s a good idea to have a budget. Your money actually feels naked without it. You go from asking, “How much down?” to “How much?” to “How much off?”

Don’t be surprised to hear someone blurt out one of the following at your next Christmas party if they are a Dave fan:

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I’m as diehard Dave as Rudolph is a reindeer.

Santa may not have a toys budget, but I do.

We’re dreaming of a green Christmas.

I need to save for Christmas like a crock pot because it’s gonna be spent like a microwave.

I don’t like any of the people at this party, so I’m not going to spend money I don’t have on stuff I don’t need to impress them.

Hey, I got the lowdown. Next year, Christmas will be in December. Mark your calendar.

Stupid isn’t illegal. If it were, my Christmas spending would be on death row.

Last year I had a Scrooge spirit and a Tiny Tim bank account. Now it’s the other way around.

There’s only one altar I’m worshipping at for Christmas this year, and it ain’t FICO’s.

Having a Christmas budget is sobering … I’m no longer spending like a drunken Congressman.

And that’s just for starters. We know that there are some other Christmas Daveisms out there, so leave yours below and keep your ears open at your next holiday gathering. You just might make a new Dave Ramsey friend!

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