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Creative Credit Cut-Offs

Last December, as shoppers loaded up on gifts for family and friends, they also loaded up on more than $850 billion in credit card debt! With that kind of dough on the line, you better believe stores and credit card companies will be aggressive about getting more people to sign up for credit this shopping season.

We recently asked our Facebook friends how they respond to credit card offers and ended up with more than 3,000 responses! Feel free to use any of these strategies the next time someone offers you a credit card.

Dave Says …

Husbands and wives like to play the “Dave says …” card when they disagree about money. While Dave would rather keep his name out of those arguments, he has no problem helping you turn down credit.

“I tell them I will take the card as long as they get Dave Ramsey to be the co-signer on the card,” Frank P. told us.

Sara W. said she’s already been asked to sign up for a credit card. “I was applauded when I said, ‘Dave Ramsey wouldn't approve. I'm trying to get out of debt, not create more.’”

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Get the Kids Involved

When a family is working hard to get out of debt, the kids notice, and they want to get in on the fun.

“I used to tell [sales people] that credit cards were evil,” Eva B. explained. “My little daughter heard it so often that when asked [if I would like to sign up for a card], I would simply look down at her, and she would pipe up with, ‘Credit cards are evil!’ No sense arguing with a 4-year-old on the merits of credit cards.”

Ranita B. told us she and her 5-year-old enjoy the stares they get when they respond to a credit card offer by yelling "Cheetah!" and running away.

Really Random

When Johnathon H. gets a credit card offer by phone, he has a great solution. “I usually start singing, ‘You got to move it move it! You got to move it move it!’ until they hang up.”

Then there are the wise words of Michael C.: “We sold our cow. We have no use for your bull now.”

Or you could use a "medical" reason like Kathryn M. does. "I'm allergic to the plastic. It makes me break out in debt!"

Greg G. quickly turns the tables on the asker and confuses them with math. “If they are offering 10% off, I normally ask if I can sign up for 10 [cards] and take [off] 100%. When they say no, then I say, ‘Sorry, can't do it then.’”

No Is a Complete Sentence

If you’d rather keep it simple, saying no will usually do the trick, even if you have to repeat it a few times. “No need to be rude to anybody,” Scott Brice said. “Just say, ‘No, thanks.’ Most salespeople are told to ask and couldn’t care less either way.

Christmas is a whole new experience when you use cash and know the bills won’t follow you into next year!

How will you respond to credit card offers while out shopping this year? Leave a comment below with your best line.

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