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8 Best Cities to Reach Your Goals in 2013

Now that you’ve made some goals for 2013, you might wonder if you’re in the right place—the right city—to make them happen. Take a look at this list of best and worst cities for accomplishing your goals.

Best cities for …

Finding a job: If your goal is a new job this year, the best place to find one, according to USNews, is Washington, D.C. As you might expect, the federal government is its largest employer, with more than 200,000 employees in the D.C. metro area. There are plenty of other opportunities with local contractors, consulting firms and educational institutions.

Starting a business: Maybe 2013 is the year you finally launch your own business. Forbes has declared Provo, Utah, as the top city for startups. Most of the new businesses in Provo are produced through research at BYU. Last year’s top city, Raleigh, N.C., is still a great choice with business costs 18% below the national average.

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Retirement: Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to hang up your briefcase (or hardhat or computer mouse) and retire in 2013. Forbes says Albuquerque is a top pick with great weather, low taxes, plenty of health care choices and an economical cost of living.

Saving a buck: If your gazelle intensity takes you to such lengths that you’re willing to move to a city with an ultra-low cost of living, Kiplinger says Harlingen, Tex., is the town for you. Housing, groceries, transportation and health care costs are all well below the national average. On the downside, the median household income is also below the national average, and unemployment is high.

Living it up: If you’re looking for a town with excellent entertainment, top education and great business and employment prospects, BusinessWeek declares San Francisco the top choice. But we’re partial to number 13 on their list: Nashville, home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and, just a few miles away, Financial Peace Plaza and The Dave Ramsey Show!

Worst cities for …

Saving a buck: You can probably think of several expensive cities in the U.S., but the most costly city might surprise you—Miami. Housing and transportation costs are the main issues, consuming 72% of the cities’ average income, according to the Huffington Post.

Road rage: Maybe visions of beautiful beaches and calm blue waters will help you deal with the 58 hours of time you’ll spend each year stuck in Honolulu traffic. Forbes says Honolulu has the worst traffic in the U.S.

A new start: Cleveland, Ohio, won Forbes’ dubious distinction as America’s most miserable city, based on its harsh winters, high crime and lackluster sports history. Over the last five years, more than 70,000 have left the city. Maybe that makes it the perfect city for a new start.

The Choice Is Yours

Ultimately, reaching your goals has little to do with your location. Can you start a business if you don’t live in Provo? Absolutely! Can you get out of debt without moving to Harlingen? People from all over the country do it every day. Can you have a beautiful and fulfilling life in Cleveland? Yes! As long as you decide to make it happen!

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