You don't need a professional
Ben and his wife are selling their old house. They want to know if it would be wise to have the property professionally staged. Dave doesn't think so, and he's joined by Chris Brown with some thoughts on the matter.
Don't argue about it
Michael's mom and dad really got into Dave's plan. They even taught Financial Peace University at their church. Now, they've leased a car, bought a new one on payments and have a bunch of credit cards. Michael doesn't know what has happened, and he wants to help. But Dave says there may be nothing he can do right now.
Due diligence
Gordan calls in from Milwaukee, WI. He wants to make sure the parts he gets for his work are on the up-and-up and asks Dave for advice. In the process, Dave touches on business ethics and that "gut feeling" people have sometimes.
Don't do it!
Jeremy and his wife are recent graduates, and they have $300,000 in student loan debt. They want to buy a rental property, with ideas of the income helping to pay off their debt, but Dave leaves no doubt he thinks this is a bad idea.
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