Disability garnished?

Kammie asks Dave if a person's wages can be garnished if they're on disability. Dave addresses the question, and lays out a plan for handling the short-term and long-term aspects of the situation.

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Snakes bite!

Tyler and his wife have the cash to pay for an entertainment center, but the manager has offered them a 10 percent discount if they get a store credit card. Dave warns them to stay away from this kind of stuff.

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Don't touch the 401(k)

Stephen asks if it would be a good idea to take out a loan against a 401(k) to pay off credit card debt. Dave advises against this, and during the conversation he learns that credit card debt isn't the real problem.

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Rental runaround

A rental car company gave Michelle and her husband a hard time and some bad information recently, when they tried to use their debit card. She tells Dave about the ordeal, and he's not impressed with the experience, either.

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