The numbers don't work
Courtney has seen a lot big plans for her life fall through. Now she faces life with an apartment lease she can't afford and a child. There aren't a lot of options here, but Dave offers some help and encouragement.
You can do better
Lex calls in from Lubbock, Texas, to get Dave's take on annuities. Dave explains them, then advises Lex he can do much better with his investments.
The "double comma club"
Dave speaks with Diane in Michigan. In the middle of their conversation about retirement and mortgages, he discovers that she and her husband are millionaires.
Don't freak out
Dave talks to Lindsay in St. Louis, who runs her own small business and is going to have a baby. During the conversation, Dave helps calm her down, while offering some good advice for the future of her business and the family.
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