Life Insurance Transfers Risk
Angie asks what happens to the money she gives each month to a 30-year term life insurance policy. Is she throwing her money away?
Not Getting the Match
Bethany isn't sure if she should contribute to her 401(k) or a Roth IRA instead. It is a discretionary 401(k), and Bethany isn't sure she'll receive a match at the end of the year. What would Dave do?
Time for Baby Birds?
Joel says his wife really wants to be a mom and would like to start planning for that. Joel wants to wait a little longer and build up their emergency fund before taking that step. Who's right?
Child Support Battle
Tina says she and her husband are battling the state over owed child support. Tina isn't sure where that debt falls in Baby Step 2. Dave tells Tina how she needs to handle this.
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